Terms & conditions

1. General

1.1 These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply when you as a consumer (“Customer”) place an order with Forshaken via the website www.forshaken.com and associated pages, (the “Webshop”). The terms apply between you and Forshaken AB, org. No. 559212-6899 (and it is between these two that an agreement is entered into with. The company you enter into the agreement with is hereinafter referred to as “Forshaken”.

1.2 Forshaken does not process cash purchases for persons under 16 years of age and no credit purchases for persons under 18 years of age.

1.3 Forshaken reserves the right to make image and writing errors on the Webshop. The webshop, as well as all content on it, is owned by Forshaken or its licensors or franchisees. The information is protected by law with regard to e.g. copyright, marketing and trademarks. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the written consent of Forshaken.

2. Agreement and order

2.1 In order to make a purchase via the web shop, the customer must accept the terms. By accepting the Terms, the customer undertakes to comply with the terms, and agrees that he has read the information about personal data and consented to the use of cookies according to Forshaken’s privacy policy, see below. An agreement on purchase, for which these terms are applied, (“agreement”), is entered into only when Forshaken has confirmed the customer’s order in writing and sent the customer an order confirmation from Forshaken.

2.2 Forshaken strives for the customer to receive order confirmation no later than 48 hours after Forshaken has received an order. However, if an order is placed on a Friday or public holiday, Forshaken will try to confirm this no later than 18:00 the next working day. An order can only be confirmed if Forshaken has received and can determine the Customer’s residential address.

3. Customer information etc.

3.1 The customer confirms that the information that the customer fills in is correct and completely filled in. The customer is responsible for incorrectly filled in information and the damage this may cause.

3.2 The customer undertakes to ensure that no one other than the customer can use the customer’s login information. The customer may not disclose the username and password of any unauthorized person and must ensure that the document with information about the username and password is stored in such a way that the unauthorized person cannot access the information. The customer must immediately notify Forshaken if it can be suspected that an unauthorized person knows the customer’s password. The customer is responsible for all purchases and information made with his login information.

3.3 If Forshaken suspects that the customer is abusing their user account or login information or otherwise violates the terms, Forshaken has the right to suspend the customer with immediate effect. Forshaken also has the right to assign the customer new login information regardless of the reason.

4. Prices, fees and payment

4.1 When ordering via the web shop, the prices stated on the web shop apply. All prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) for Sweden excluding shipping costs and include VAT.

4.2 The customer can pay for their order by invoice or credit card payment according to the credit cards stated in the web shop. For each order, a current delivery fee is added, which is stated on the web shop. When paying by invoice, an invoice fee valid at any time that is stated on the web shop will also be added. Read more under payment in the footer.

5. Shipping and delivery

5.1 Items in stock are normally delivered within four to eight working days from when your order is placed.

5.2 The customer can redeem their package up to and including twelve days from receipt of notification.

6. Open purchase and right of withdrawal

6.1 Forshaken always offers 30 days open purchase and / or exchange right, both when buying goods on the web shop.

6.2 When purchasing goods on the web shop, a 30-day right of withdrawal applies in accordance with consumer law rules. This means that you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase by notifying Forshaken of this within 30 days of receiving the ordered item.

6.3 The right of withdrawal does not apply if the customer breaks the packaging of an item, unless this is necessary to examine or test the item in accordance with Forshaken’s return policy on the web shop. Open purchase, return and exchange do not apply to our products “Telescope” “Aluminium” and “hook” which is uniquely made by hand after your order.

6.4 Our products are made by hand and not made in the factory therefore we reserve the right to certain differences between the appearance of the products in the same series, contours, color differences and size as showed on this website.

7. Applicable law and dispute

In the event of a dispute, Forshaken follows a decision from the General Complaints Board. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. These conditions have been established by Forshaken on 2018-09-13.